100% Real Mermaid Sightings – Real Mermaids Found All Around the World

100% Real Mermaid Sightings – Real Mermaids Found All Around the World

Mermaids (sirenas) really exist and after this video, you’ll believe in these mysterious sea creatures! You’ll see 100% real mermaid evidence! They’re so beautiful! Mermaids are really amazing! Actually, I wanna be a sirena too and I really wanna have a tail like em ….it would be really great …to swim in the huge ocean with the other mermaids and cool sea creatures like dolphins, whales, and turtles… really stunning! Yeah mermaids have cool life and I love them really much… I don’t get why so many people don’t believe in their existence… I mean there are so many people who believe in some obviously not real paranormal things like aliens, ghosts, demons etc. but when we’re talking about sirenas everybody is like ”what… oh mermaids… you’re joking right …?!?!” no I’m not joking at all! Look at her – am I joking?!… no.. they are like us but with fish tails of course …and maybe they have some special magical powers …if you have watched movies like h2o, mako mermaids and ariel you probably know that mermaids can do magics …and I believe they really can….

I’ve ever wondered how do mermaids breathe down there in the deep ocean.. and maybe they have drills behind their ears… that’s what I think …and maybe they haven’t but then how do they breathe under the sea?? According to some specialists they live in the lost underwater town called Atlantis and the city is something like a huge baloon with oxygen (if some of you have watched Star Wars 1st episode you know what I’m talking about because there was a city like Atlantis). Maybe that’s true I don’t know… I mean it would be great …a whole city with mermaids that just swim around …imagine how cool is that… but after all, I think that the legendary Atlantis is just a myth…

As I said, in the beginning, i love mermaids and especially their cool tails! I really wanna have a tail like theirs! And you know what I have heard about some magical sirena spells that can help you… I have a friend that claims his sister is a mermaid and she uses a spell to become into sirena whenever she wants… some other friends told me that’s possible too… have you ever used these spells??! I mean do they really work?? … actually, I don’t wanna try because if I become into a mermaid and after that, i can’t be a human again that would be aweful because I will live either in an aquarium in my house or in the ocean … Plus my parents will get angry about that…

I’m still wondering why so many people are such pessimists …. and that’s why I asked 1000 people do they believe in mermaids… And you’ll be shocked but 890 of them answered ”absolutely no” and only 30 said ”yes” … they rest answered ”I’m not sure” … so why 890 of 1000 people think that mermaids can’t be real… most of them said me that there are just too much fake mermaid sightings in the internet and they don’t know when people lie and when they show real sirenas… yes i’m agree but that’s not a reason to think that all of the evidence in internet are fake… I mean yeah there are some people like mermaid melissa, sevenperfectangels or sevensupergirls who just wear mermaid costumes (I mean tails) and they upload their aweful videos in youtube and they claim that these are ”real mermaids caught on tape” but I think nobody believes them… when you see a fake sirena tail you know it’s fake… I mean they are so obvious …However I really hate these people who lie …and Animal Planet lied too! In the Mermaids: The Body Found Episode they showed some really edited mermaids… I mean they used adobe after effects to create fake mermaids and they just lied people… plus they said that sirenas look like apes and they are actually ugly and ferocious creatures that attack sailors for hundrets of years… wow wow wow wait a minute… that’s just not true! First of all, mermaids are wonderful not ungly and 2nd they’re not evil – they are kind! The tales about how they attack sailors are just legends… like the legends about krakens (giant squids) and megalodons (biggest sharks ever) …yeah you know what I mean – just stories… however I just wanna tell you that these are real mermaid photos they’re not edited or something like that!

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