6 Weird & Disturbing Videos you can find on the Deep Web

After almost a whole year later, we return to the deep web.. I decided not to read more deep web stories, as quite frankly I don’t believe any of them. Instead, here is something much more real; 6 of the many disturbing and weird videos you can find on the deep web.
No graphic images or videos are shown in this video, however the topic itself and the descriptions for some of the videos may be disturbing to some, so just watch at your own discretion please.

I will not be providing links to the videos that weren’t shown in this video, as first of all I don’t have them, and second, I don’t think any of you guys should watch them.

I am also not claiming that the hamburger baby video exists, but given the nature of what can be uploaded to websites on the deep web, its existence is definitely a possibility.

Music by Kevin Macleod @ www.incompetech.com


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