Haunted America

CREEPIEST PLACES ON EARTH…Haunted America, Travel to the Macabre, the phenomenon of dark tourism, to some of the most haunted locations in America to Satanic symbols at St. Albans Sanatorium … guests: authors Kevin Eads and Eric Verner – staff writer at American Gothique – Erie America, Travel Guide to the Macabre
“Eerie America is a great project, bound to enthrall anyone who loves to experience dark adventure and travel beyond your everyday safe zone. From a filmmaker point of view, the visuals and style are enticing and the music is a perfect balance for the viewer. If you love horror, mystery and the macabre this is the show for you.
~ Christopher Saint Booth
Producer, Spooked TV and filmmaker of SyFy’s DEAD STILL, creator of Sony Pictures Death Tunnel

“Eerie America: Travel Guide of the Macabre is an entertaining and engaging look at the special gems that locals rave about and tourists brag about. Bringing urban legends to life through a cast of unique and colorful individuals, Eerie America offers a program that appeal to the fans of the macabre, travel, and folklore. Similar to the way Andrew Zimmerman introduced worldly and unknown culinary treasures on Bizarre Foods, Corvis is fusing America’s sub-culture with modern day travel, creating a truly mesmerizing and entertaining viewer experience.”
~ Daniel Hooven
Lead Investigator of BIO’s Haunted Encounters
Series Premiere Winner of Travel Channel’s Paranormal Challenge

“As both an educator and an extreme haunting survivor, I love the focus of this show. Sharing history and detail serves to underscore the fascinating range of human interest and human experience! Sign me up as your Number One fan! “
~ Christopher DiCesare, author and star of SyFy’s School Spirits

“I have no doubt that Eerie America will quickly become one of the most popular travel shows on the air. The combined expertise of this team is outstanding and their passion for the macabre inspiring. Truly looking forward to it!”
~ Gabrielle Faust, staff writer at Gothic Beauty Magazine and author of THE LINEAGE and the ETERNAL VIGILANCE vampire series

“I can’t wait for Eerie America to become a series! The book is fascinating and leaves you wanting more.”
~ Deborah DeRousse, host of Paraspeak Radio Network

“Eerie America” theme music written and performed by Joseph Vargo. http://www.noxarcana.com


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