Killer Clown is REAL! Scary Clown in the Woods is Stalking DavidsTV VLOG

!!!!! Is This Fake? Explanation !!!!

There really is a clown stalking and pranking us. DavidsTV made 2 original clown videos, inspired by all of the Killer Clown videos on Youtube. We have 2 small children, Dylan & Jagger, ages 6 and 4. They wanted to make a Killer Clown video, so we made two. The first one on the Bounce House was totally for fun and staged and we made that blatantly obvious in the video with the closeups. The Dad, Brandon (me), was in the clown suit. We decided to follow that up with a video in Target and we kidnapped a dad and his kids helped us find him behind the toilet paper. That was also FAKE and staged and blatantly obvious by the editing and sound effects. We went to make a 3rd video, where I went in the woods to scare the kids, and it was supposed to be fake, but it turns out that there was someone other than me, out there in a clown costume. After I came in, there was another clown out in the woods dancing around. I also determined that someone at Target was wearing the costume, other than me for a brief clip, for a matter of seconds. We are trying to get to the bottom of the situation to see if this is a prank or do we have a real stalker. The dad is a known prankster and this could be some sort of elaborate revenge by his family, friends, wife, or coworker. Thanks for your support.

Clown Kidnapping at Target (2)

Killer Clown Scares Kids on Bounce House (1)

DavidsTV have been continually stalked by a Killer Clown and in this vlog, they find out that scary clown might be real! Brandon (dad), was going to do a scary clown prank on the kids and dress up as a killer clown and go in the woods to pull the scary clown prank on Dylan, Jagger and their cousins. The killer clown prank didn’t realy work because the kids didn’t see the dad, dressed as the scary clown, in the woods. After the dad came inside the house, there was another killer clown outside acting crazy and dancing around! DavidsTV also realizes that in the 2nd clown video at Target that someone else was in the scary clown costume while the dad was in the bathroom.

There have been many killer clown pranks and people dressed up in clown costumes around town. DavidsTV gets terrified by a killer clown who is chasing and stalking them. The clown has shown up at the DavidsTV house and all around town. This killer clown is freaking everyone out. I hope the scary clown stops pranking us!

Our first 2 killer clown videos ere inspired by All4TubeKids and we thank them for making awesome Scary Clown videos! We did those for entertainment but now we find out that there is a real clown. We don’t know if it’s a prank or the real thing. We will continue to vlog until we find out.

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Clown Kidnapping at Target (2)

Killer Clown Scares Kids on Bounce House (1)

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