Killer Clown Sighting At School Gone EXTREMELY Wrong…

KILLER CLOWN SIGHTINGS at SCHOOL! Had to do the KILLER CLOWN PRANK on Girlfriend again. My university has a creepy killer clown roaming around. There have been tons of CLOWN SIGHTINGS here, and it was time to do the CLOWN PRANK to freak her out. It almost went wrong because someone called the cops! We were out before they came. WE TAKE NO L’S


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We are both 19 (2016). We met and dated at age 13 in the 7th grade (2009). Kyrah broke up with me after a long three month relationship, but we rekindled in high school and have been together ever since. We went to every prom and formal together. She was a cheerleader, and I was the tracklete. We were high school sweethearts.

We started college together in 2015 around the same time we started this channel. You can see our first day there, to the present day today. We plan on getting married young and traveling the world together. We also plan on taking you with us. On this channel we believe we aren’t meant to do life alone. So, join the family by subscribing and let’s grow together.
Intro song is called “Evolvin'”


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