Since the beginning of the #YouTubeAdBoycott – just the past week – our ad revenue has dropped by 85% (see here: ). It impossible to refute the impact. Note the dates pre and post-boycott, where view counts remain virtually the same, and yet ad revenue drops by huge margins.

Not familiar with the #boycott? Here’s a good video discussing it:

For anyone asking, this obviously impacts us. We went from generating enough revenue daily to support two full-time producers to not having enough revenue to do Chilling Tales for Dark Nights part-time.

Regrettably, this #AdBoyCott has single-handedly removed the incentive to provide original content on YouTube, and Google has done nothing to show support for the people who make their platform worth going to, or offered any reassurance whatsoever, except that they intend to further censor everyone.

As producers of horror fiction entertainment, CTFDN doesn’t even fall under the categories of content being targeted by these advertisers, and yet… here we are, having lives turned upside down over this deluded B.S.

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YouTube’s having a rough time. In addition to backlash from creators over things like restricted mode, now advertisers are boycotting the platform because it doesn’t do ENOUGH to protect brands from accidental advertisement on content they find objectionable.

Other good videos on the subject:


  1. I think You Tube should fight back. Tell the advertisers this is where the consumers are at. And if you boycott You Tube, you will be band and never allowed back on.

  2. Damn this is really fucked up! I’m sorry you have been affected by this, as so as my favorite other youtubers. Perhaps you can start a patreon or accept donations

  3. We don’t do Patreon, we have our own platform. Support us directly by becoming a Patron at our website today:

  4. Nothing you can do really, the only thing you can do is work with like minded and similar channels to created a site outside of YouTube and start a subscription service. But that is a huge risk, most people watch content of YouTube because it’s free. So two options, sit there and take it from your YouTube overlords or stake out on your own.


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